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.NET Blog: Getting Started with DevOps and .NET MAUI https://t.co/IcwRndk3H1

.NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) unifies Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows UI frameworks into a single framework so you can write one app that runs natively on many platforms. In this post, we wi…   28.06.2022
Twitter, 28.06.2022

.NET Blog: Improving .NET host error messages and supportability https://t.co/tcMsEYKnfh

Have you ever tried to launch a .NET app and seen an error message telling you that you are missing a runtime, like the following? Have you ever been frustrated by an error message that yo…   21.06.2022
Twitter, 21.06.2022

.NET Blog: New Resources to Get Started with .NET MAUI https://t.co/eZtM49mLHV

On May 23, 2022 the .NET Multi-platform App UI, or .NET MAUI, was released to general availability. .NET MAUI gives you a first-class, cross-platform UI stack targeting Android, iOS, macOS, and Wind…   16.06.2022
Twitter, 16.06.2022

.NET Blog: .NET June 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.6 and .NET Core 3.1.26 https://t.co/zuyrXVx33Y

Today, we are releasing the .NET June 2022 Updates. These updates contain security and non-security improvements. Your app may be vulnerable if you have not deployed the latest .NET upd…   15.06.2022
Twitter, 15.06.2022

.NET Blog: .NET Framework June 2022 Security and Quality Rollup Updates https://t.co/sYP5iNVfn5

We are releasing the June 2022 Security and Quality Rollup Updates for .NET Framework.


The June Security and Quality Rollup Update does not contain any new security fixes…   14.06.2022
Twitter, 14.06.2022

.NET Blog: Announcing Entity Framework 7 Preview 5 https://t.co/fVUzniV74D

Entity Framework 7 (EF7) Preview 5 has shipped with support for Table-per-Concrete type (TPC) mapping. This blog post will focus on TPC. There are several other enhancements included in Preview 5, such …   14.06.2022
Twitter, 14.06.2022

.NET Blog: OneService Journey to .NET 6 https://t.co/t01F2I5gWS

OneService is a Microsoft service that powers various content experiences in Microsoft Start, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Windows, for example, news and sports results. It is composed of 30+ services maintained …   13.06.2022
Twitter, 13.06.2022

.NET Blog: .NET 7 Preview 5 – Generic Math https://t.co/NsgD8G0ZXa

In .NET 6 we previewed a feature known as Generic Math. Since then, we have made continuous improvements to the implementation and responded to various feedback from the community in order to ensure that releva…   09.06.2022
Twitter, 09.06.2022

.NET Blog: Exchange Online Journey to .NET Core https://t.co/Y1eFLmKdCh

Microsoft 365 (M365) is a broad set of productivity services that enable teamwork, communication, and related experiences. Much of the codebase is written in C#. I’d like to tell you about the journey to .…   08.06.2022
Twitter, 08.06.2022

.NET Blog: Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI https://t.co/ciwKzpkPhe

.NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) unifies Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows APIs into a single API so you can write one app that runs natively on many platforms. We are focused on improving both your daily…   07.06.2022
Twitter, 07.06.2022

@thomasclaudiush stellt auf unserem INFOTAG ONLINE die WinUI Library 3 (WinUI3) vor

https://t.co/Pf9mnBGQvk https://t.co/Kq3KYSVPI9
Twitter, 31.05.2022

@codemurai zeigt auf dem INFOTAG Online .NET MAUI
https://t.co/Pf9mnBGQvk https://t.co/gfJqvoMX5J
Twitter, 31.05.2022

@rstropek präsentiert C# 11 auf dem INFOTAG ONLINE 2022 https://t.co/Pf9mnBGQvk https://t.co/lt4Wyh3ejc
Twitter, 31.05.2022

.NET Blog: .NET Framework May 2022 Cumulative Update https://t.co/bQZTUIL4t7

We are releasing the May 2022 Cumulative Update Preview Updates for .NET Framework.

Quality and Reliability

This release contains the following quality and reliability improvements.


Addresse…   26.05.2022
Twitter, 26.05.2022

Port tunneling in Visual Studio for #aspnetcore projects ?? in Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Preview 1.1


msbuild @VisualStudio @dotnet #dotnet https://t.co/SfTcCP6aji


Twitter, 25.05.2022

.NET MAUI: Die GUI-Bibliothek für Windows, Android, iOS, macOS und Tizen ist fertig!
Bild: Hybride MAUI-App: schwarzer+weißer Bereich wird mit HTML gerendert, der lila Fußbereich inkl. überlagerndem Maskottchen mit XAML ??

msbuild @dotnet_maui #dotnet https://t.co/0qhx5hFLGP


Twitter, 24.05.2022

First public preview of SQL Server 2022:

msbuild2022 @SQLServer https://t.co/PqlItugnWS


Twitter, 24.05.2022

Microsoft BUILD 2022 starts now with keynote by @satyanadella


msbuild https://t.co/q2OB7NUrVW


Twitter, 24.05.2022

In rund einer Stunde beginnt die Microsoft BUILD-Konferenz 2022. Zum dritten Mal in Folge als Online Event #msbuild. Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei.

https://t.co/23V6H6VFbX https://t.co/HD8MO1ETdS
Twitter, 24.05.2022

.NET Blog: Introducing .NET MAUI – One Codebase, Many Platforms https://t.co/wH7BhdW0RS

Welcome to .NET Multi-platform App UI. This release marks a new milestone in our multi-year journey to unify the .NET platform. Now you and over 5 million other .NET developers have a first…   23.05.2022
Twitter, 23.05.2022

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