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.NET Blog: Announcing .NET Framework 4.8.1 https://t.co/RAd9VLb7tK

We are excited to announce the release of the .NET Framework 4.8.1 today. It’s included in the Visual Studio 2022 17.3 release and .NET Framework 4.8.1 is also available to download for Windows 10 Version 20H2+…   09.08.2022
Twitter, 09.08.2022

.NET Blog: Productivity comes to .NET MAUI in Visual Studio 2022 https://t.co/ov84M36ePA

Today, we’re excited to announce that .NET Multi-platform App UI has graduated from preview and is available in the release edition of Visual Studio 2022 on Windows. Now, you have full acc…   09.08.2022
Twitter, 09.08.2022

.NET Blog: Announcing .NET 7 Preview 7 https://t.co/P1rfh3N6s9

Today we released .NET 7 Preview 7. This is the last preview for .NET 7 and the next version will be our first release candidate (RC). The dates for .NET Conf 2022 have been announced! Join us November 8-10, 2022 t…   09.08.2022
Twitter, 09.08.2022

.NET Blog: Announcing Entity Framework 7 Preview 7: Interceptors! https://t.co/0dqV9xaqoP

Entity Framework Core 7 (EF7) Preview 7 has shipped with support for several new interceptors, as well as improvements to existing interceptors. This blog post will cover these changes, b…   09.08.2022
Twitter, 09.08.2022

.NET Blog: .NET August 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.8 and .NET Core 3.1.28 https://t.co/IVAZXa2VhV

Today, we are releasing the .NET August 2022 Updates. These updates contain security and non-security improvements. Your app may be vulnerable if you have not deployed a recent .NET u…   09.08.2022
Twitter, 09.08.2022

.NET Blog: Announcing SynapseML for .NET – Large Scale ML with a Simple API https://t.co/5C6sJlogll

Today, we are excited to announce the release of a new set of .NET APIs for massively scalable machine learning as part of the v0.10 release of SynapseML. This allows you to aut…   09.08.2022
Twitter, 09.08.2022

.NET Blog: Announcing the .NET MAUI Beautiful UI Challenge https://t.co/7m4ylhn2Nd

.NET MAUI doesn’t just enable you to create cross-platform applications on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android… it helps you to do it with style! You can create beautiful apps that delight your…   08.08.2022
Twitter, 08.08.2022

.NET Blog: Announcing .NET Community Toolkit 8.0! MVVM, Diagnostics, Performance, and more! https://t.co/NEEph7Nxcx

We’re happy to announce the official launch of the new .NET Community Toolkit, which is now live on NuGet with version 8.0.0! This is a major release including a…   04.08.2022
Twitter, 04.08.2022

Längerer Review-Artikel von mir über .NET MAUI in iX 8/2022
"Der Nachfolger von Xamarin.Forms bringt zwar einige Neuerungen, hat aber auch noch einige Defizite bei der Verfügbarkeit auf Plattformen, den Werkzeugen und dem Support."

dotnet #dotnetmaui @iX https://t.co/11JxmvjxVb


Twitter, 27.07.2022

.NET Blog: .NET Framework July 2022 Cumulative Update Preview https://t.co/qzn6w7NgaI

We are releasing the July 2022 Cumulative Update Preview Updates for .NET Framework.

Quality and Reliability

This release contains the following quality and reliability improvements.

Netwo…   26.07.2022
Twitter, 26.07.2022

.NET Blog: Announcing .NET Conf – Focus on .NET MAUI, Reactor, and Community Events https://t.co/e8ZTM9SclO

Now that .NET MAUI is released, it’s time to get started building your first cross-platform applications! We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for the next few mon…   26.07.2022
Twitter, 26.07.2022

.NET Blog: Customizing Controls in .NET MAUI https://t.co/JUKFxkzy24

Note: This is a Guest Blog Post by Microsoft MVP, Pedro Jesus. Pedro works as a Software Engineer at ArcTouch and is a core maintainer of the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit

Today, I want to talk about and show …   14.07.2022
Twitter, 14.07.2022

.NET Blog: Announcing Rate Limiting for .NET https://t.co/N7p1Vq8Y1w

We’re excited to announce built-in Rate Limiting support as part of .NET 7. Rate limiting provides a way to protect a resource in order to avoid overwhelming your app and keep traffic at a safe level.

What i…   13.07.2022
Twitter, 13.07.2022

.NET Blog: .NET Framework July 2022 Security and Quality Rollup Updates https://t.co/PudMBBIm4f

We are releasing the July 2022 Security and Quality Rollup Updates for .NET Framework.


This security update addresses an issue where the .NET Framework releases June 14, …   12.07.2022
Twitter, 12.07.2022

.NET Blog: Announcing .NET 7 Preview 6 https://t.co/xjYVkpBsLv

Today we released .NET 7 Preview 6. This preview of .NET 7 includes improvements to type converters, JSON contract customization, System.Formats.Tar API updates, constraints to .NET template authoring, and performa…   12.07.2022
Twitter, 12.07.2022

.NET Blog: .NET Core 3.1 will reach End of Support on December 13, 2022 https://t.co/gJd8S5eHUU

.NET Core 3.1 will reach end of support on December 13, 2022. After that date, Microsoft will no longer provide servicing updates or technical support for .NET Core 3.1. We recommen…   12.07.2022
Twitter, 12.07.2022

.NET Blog: .NET July 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.7 and .NET Core 3.1.27 https://t.co/NUi6Zb2LJS

Today, we are releasing the .NET July 2022 Updates. These updates contain reliability and non-security improvements. Your app may be vulnerable if you have not deployed a recent .NET up…   12.07.2022
Twitter, 12.07.2022

@loeffelmann Bin gerade Radfahren.
-Von meinem Garmin-Gerät g   11.07.2022
Twitter, 11.07.2022

Microsoft hat mich zum 19. Mal zum "Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)" ernannt ??


https://t.co/oA47nmLNgn https://t.co/ylCj9C9GkS

Twitter, 11.07.2022

.NET Blog: CoreWCF 1.1.0 and project templates https://t.co/9jJ5Mlfb81

The CoreWCF project has a new release, 1.1, which is an update to the 1.0 that was released in April. I want to take the opportunity to provide a quick update on the CoreWCF project, which is a port of WCF …   05.07.2022
Twitter, 05.07.2022

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